Aiprox drone training program
Complete cycles of advanced UAV systems

At Aiprox we seek excellence in the training of our clients, because only with the proper knowledge will it be possible for them to develop their business with full assurance.

For that reason we offer complete cycles that cover both the training of pilots and operations supervisors, as well as installers, maintenance technicians and, of course, the management and commercial level personnel of the companies.

Training center

The best equipment in southern Europe

Training center

To carry out the full cycle with all assurance, we have equipped ourselves with the appropriate, most modern and specialized facilities, where it is possible to provide training coverage in all theoretical and practical aspects, being able to develop highly complex operations and integration with other systems during learning. Only in this way can our clients be sure of receiving high-value knowledge that allows them to reach their business objectives in a safe and proven way for their operations, having at the end a truly integral and professional team.


Located a few kilometers from Madrid, the Valdelaguna Aerodrome offers one of the most modern facilities in Europe for civil drones, specially designed to house RPAS-related operations up to 650 kg.

It has two indoor areas (2000 m2), as well as free flight areas and a completely paved airstrip, as well as a training room, a large parking area and with very easy access from main roads.

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Courses and authorizations

Complete programs for your company



Courses for management, tactical and command

The objective of the command training is to become familiar with the technology and to acquire first hand knowledge of the possibilities and applications that it allows, in a journey from the basic technologies, technical and legislative evolution, application of sensors to different types of industries and services, and systems integration.

The end result is to have a solid foundation to be able to create a short and long term business plan, as well as to be able to make decisions about the acquisition of the technology that is more in line with the business objectives.


Pilot courses

Pilot training

Pilots are the operational base. They are responsible for carrying out the missions and intervening in them in case of any event. Their training is crucial for any operation to be carried out since they are ultimately responsible for its safety.

The pilot training is divided into two sections: the official AESA training and the specific Aiprox devices and systems.

Official AESA courses

These are official and compulsory accreditations for pilots and include theoretical and practical training according to the regulations of the Spanish Air Safety Agency.

Training includes the skills needed to pilot generic systems and the official AESA theoretical exam.

Advanced Theoretical Drone Course (RPAs)

A certified license will be delivered by ATO school (as required by AESA) at the end of the theoretical training course, proving with exams that they have acquired the necessary knowledge required under legal regulations.

Drones Practical Course (RPAs)

It aims to provide the necessary practical training to acquire the necessary knowledge about the ability to operate with RPAs with the most assurance.
ATO certified school license will be delivered.

Specialized Aiprox courses

Aiprox as a manufacturer has authorized the trainers in specific Aiprox flight systems of all its devices that include the categories of Fixed wing, Multi copter and helicopter in all weights from 0 to 25 kg.

Aiprox Pilot

This is a mandatory training for all pilots who use Aiprox systems given their operational differences with respect to the standard systems and especially for learning the instrumental flight systems (IFL) they provide.

Authorization of Aiprox pilot trainers.

The operators and flight schools that are interested in offering Aiprox system training to their pilots may have manufacturer authorized trainers carrying out the corresponding authorization course for the required devices.

Courses for Mechanics and Maintenance

Standard course of aircraft maintenance and repairs

Basic aircraft according to the manufacturer's manual. Allows mandatory maintenance except that which must be performed directly by the manufacturer.

Authorization of aircraft maintenance and repairs

Aircraft according to the manufacturer's manual. Allows all maintenance and repairs, even those that the manufacturer must perform. A certification of equipment and workshop compliance by the manufacturer will be required for the certification of maintenance and repair results.

Basic ground systems maintenance course according to the manufacturer's manual

Standard: Allows periodic maintenance of Aiprox devices and systems that are mandatory but do not require manufacturer certification as well as the repair of the systems according to the aircraft maintenance manual.

Ground systems maintenance authorization according to the manufacturer's manual

Manufacturer's authorization for mechanics who need to perform the manufacturer's own maintenance and repairs according to the aircraft maintenance manual.

Courses for Installers

Installation of landing and loading station systems for RPA (SUDS Systems of Unmanned Dock Station)

Authorizes installation companies for the installation and commissioning of ground equipment, charging station, initial communications antennas and RTK.

Installation of ground communications systems for RPA (UCS Unmanned Communication Systems)

For installation, connection of the system to different communication points and communication with the base of operations. Installation of communications systems for wristbands for locating vehicles and people.

Aiprox Technologies

Own development, customization and maximum performance


Aiprox Atacama
Designed for deserts and
extreme climates

Aiprox SMX
Multi-purpose drone
for any operation

Landing Platforms
fully automatic
drone charging

The people link
of the Aiprox system


Centimeter positioning
Anti-jamming system
Spoofing and interference

Aiprox Intelligent
operating system
inside the aircraft

Intelligent energy
and battery-charging
balancing management

Aiprox Computer Vision
Identification, tracking
and image processing

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