Legislative framework for the aircraft manufacture and design

Regulation No. 216/2008 of the European Union establishes application provisions for the requirements that guarantee an adequate level of safety and environmental protection, as well as its uniform application within the European Union. Likewise, Regulation 748/2012 includes the requirements and procedures for airworthiness and environmental certification of aircraft, products, components and aeronautical equipment, as well as certification of organizations dedicated to their design and production.

Organizations that perform design, modifications or repairs find in this Regulation a new legislative reference framework, within which are contained the privileges and limitations that a company with Design Organization Approval (DOA) or Production Organization Approval (POA) will have to comply with, in its design, modification or manufacturing activities of aircraft, components and equipment.

The requirements of this document, which are established by the legislation and with a concept of its structure, explain the applicability of the approval, management and application requirements of the Design Organization Approval (DOA) and Production Organization Approval (POA).

Aiprox test log


SMX frame stabilization correction tests



Landing Platform Motorization Accuracy Tests



RTK Landing Accuracy Tests without wind



RTK Landing Accuracy Tests with 25 km/h wind

Aiprox Test Certification Log

Compliance Certificate
Compliance Certificate
Compliance Certificate
Compliance Certificate
Compliance Certificate



Aircraft and ground technology manufacturing

Each customer order is unique and is made to order from the operational specifications and needs. In order to determine what material is to be delivered to the customer, the subsequent service, and the necessary training, the following next steps are taken:

  • Evaluation of operational needs and place of installation
  • Preparation of project and budget
  • Inspection of the installation site
  • Manufacture and certification of prototypes
  • Manufacture of the final units
  • Installation of the system at the place of operations
  • Operation certification
  • Client and staff training

This process usually lasts approximately 45 to 90 days, depending on its difficulty.



Aiprox Technologies

Own development, customization and maximum performance


Aiprox Atacama
Designed for deserts and
extreme climates

Aiprox SMX
Multi-purpose drone
for any operation

Landing Platforms
fully automatic
drone charging

The people link
of the Aiprox system


Centimeter positioning
Anti-jamming system
Spoofing and interference

Aiprox Intelligent
operating system
inside the aircraft

Intelligent energy
and battery-charging
balancing management

Aiprox Computer Vision
Identification, tracking
and image processing

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