60.000 m2 of surface

Our facilities serve both for product development and certification as well as for training in all areas

Indoor: Hangar 2,000 m2 and 7 meters high


Outdoor: 360m long asphalted tarmac with paved taxiway and access to the hangar

30,000 m2 of land for experimental flight

Air-conditioned training rooms for theoretical training, equipped with network connections and projector

Aiprox Technologies

Own development, customization and maximum performance


Aiprox Atacama
Designed for deserts and
extreme climates

Aiprox SMX
Multi-purpose drone
for any operation

Landing Platforms
fully automatic
drone charging

The people link
of the Aiprox system


Centimeter positioning
Anti-jamming system
Spoofing and interference

Aiprox Intelligent
operating system
inside the aircraft

Intelligent energy
and battery-charging
balancing management

Aiprox Computer Vision
Identification, tracking
and image processing

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