Aiprox drones: Solar plants inspection

Infrastructure inspection of photovoltaic panels Technology for anomaly detection:

It uses a combination of visible light cameras, LWIR cameras, which in combination allow the detection of most problems and their location.

The reports are made through detection and mapping of hot spots (anomalies) in the solar panels. The problem appears in the form of an increase in the temperature of the damaged cells compared to the rest of the cells in a panel, resulting in a decrease in the overall output power of the panel. There are several reasons for this behavior, such as overheating, manufacturing malfunction, material depletion, etc. Most of these failures appear only after a period of active use. Therefore, an inspection is needed to find out if the projected power output matches the actual output and the panel needs a replacement or repair.

For performance issues, the temperatures of the panels or the average can be compared to know if cleaning is necessary and which panels need maintenance. There will always be a part of the installation that needs more maintenance due to humidity or other factors and through a mapping and reading of temperatures it can be done more efficiently.



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