Aiprox drones: Flying in extreme conditions

The main difficulty is the absence of motor power and battery reserve to cope with adverse conditions.

When we were considering flights in extreme conditions, strong winds, heights of more than 2000 meters in the Atacama desert, the Death Valley or Calama, or sudden temperature changes at latitudes near the poles, studying the effects they had on the behavior of the aircraft, we found a solution to be able to sustain the flight and incorporate it into our products.


Landing with strong wind gusts that drag the aircraft, the power system corrects the position against the wind.

SyncroBatt is a system that compensates for the difficulties of configuring aircraft in complex scenarios, allows the use of batteries or eliminates power supply failures at critical moments and at the same time takes advantage of the real power of the engines and that makes them more efficient.

In this way, Aiprox is able to succeed in places where others do not achieve the objectives, being able to create much more ambitious projects with the assurance that we will never run out of sufficient power in our drones.



Aiprox Technologies

Own development, customization and maximum performance


Aiprox Atacama
Designed for deserts and
extreme climates

Aiprox SMX
Multi-purpose drone
for any operation

Landing Platforms
fully automatic
drone charging

The people link
of the Aiprox system


Centimeter positioning
Anti-jamming system
Spoofing and interference

Aiprox Intelligent
operating system
inside the aircraft

Intelligent energy
and battery-charging
balancing management

Aiprox Computer Vision
Identification, tracking
and image processing

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