Aiprox drones: Optical detection of aircraft and flying drones

drone avoidance

The security of facilities is threatened by drones, both for industrial espionage and for possible attacks or malicious or illegal actions.

From our investigation with Computer Vision systems, for the detection of people, vehicles or other elements necessary for security operations, we have also begun to experiment with the detection of aircraft, firstly to increase flight safety and prevent collisions, and also, to be able to detect air intrusions in the same way.

Conventional security cameras do not point to the sky, therefore this new space is unprotected. With this system, which is installable both in fixed cameras and in the same Aiprox drone, it is possible to detect the presence of aircraft. But the ultimate goal of this project is also to be able to intercept them if necessary.

Aiprox has a mechanical advantage over the competition in its drones, the front cameras are mounted on a 2D gimball that allows to aim upwards, and at the same time it has lower cameras to perform simultaneous sweeps of almost 250º. In this way it will be possible in less than 12 months to develop the system for monitoring and interception, in addition to having an anti-collision security system, on flights within the controlled airspace.


Aiprox Technologies

Own development, customization and maximum performance


Aiprox Atacama
Designed for deserts and
extreme climates

Aiprox SMX
Multi-purpose drone
for any operation

Landing Platforms
fully automatic
drone charging

The people link
of the Aiprox system


Centimeter positioning
Anti-jamming system
Spoofing and interference

Aiprox Intelligent
operating system
inside the aircraft

Intelligent energy
and battery-charging
balancing management

Aiprox Computer Vision
Identification, tracking
and image processing

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